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Dominique TOMBEAU wrote on October 23, 2021
Thank you AidWest for having contracted by paying for a temporary space to house our small community school in Port-au-Prince. This act helps reduce juvenile delinquency in a country like Haiti where our young people are gangsterized . Your attentions for our young people are very remarkable especially for the Youth Club AidWest. Thank you for your regular support for now 11 years. Dominique Tombeau, Director, AidWEST/Bressler School Delmas 56, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Hamdy Al-Azazy wrote on June 27, 2014
AidWEST i have worked before with my friend John Elliott, who did the best for our people in Gaza-Palestine. I am happy to have represented AidWEST in Egypt. I pass all the events of Revolution in Egypt to your organization and hope. Hamdy Al-Azazy Al Arish, Egypt
Hamdy Al-Azazy wrote on April 6, 2011
Dear AidWest i have contact before with my best friend and brother john Elliot, he do the best for our people in Gaza-Palestine and i am happy to represented AidWest in Egypt and i pass all the events of Revolution in Egypt to your organization and hope to complete it and success after take Mubark and all the corruptions to the prison and to court .I hope after my Friend Elliot move now from AidWest to contenue our relation to help all the people every where . thank you again
Danielle Williams wrote on May 27, 2010
I thank every one who has dedicated their time and energy to this mission and these people. You are changing lives there! I can't wait to go on a trip with AidWEST- hopefully in August! I keep every one here in my thoughts and prayers!
Lee Triesenberg wrote on April 22, 2010
John: I heard you speak at the IMVC at Emory last weekend, and was so inspired by what you accomplished so quickly after the earthquake in Haiti. Thank you for all that you are doing.
John Elliott wrote on March 18, 2010
Dr. Marshall Segal, of the University of Chicago, was one of the staff leaders at the Harvard Administration medical camp for internally displaced persons, in February 2010. Thank you Dr. Segal for your comments on one of our team members!
Marshall Segal wrote on March 15, 2010
Rick Hodder made a significant contribution to the Field Hospital at Fond Parisiene, working over 12 hours per day to electrify the Tents, Pharmacy, and Operating Rooms, and to make the area safe! Congratulations & tribute to Rick Hodder.
Kathy Nelson Roberts wrote on February 24, 2010
John, thank you for sharing your story as I have wanted to share it with many!!! This is so beautiful and what a wonderful website. Way to go, young man!!!
Amanda MacLean wrote on February 20, 2010
Thank you for inspiring me 🙂
Amanda wrote on February 19, 2010
Thank you so much for organizing this mission of angels. Your loving heart has brought hope to so many people. You are a real hero in many ways.
Marla Edwards wrote on February 19, 2010
This is great! Thank you so much for doing what you do and I hope to join you on your next medical mission or soon.