You Can Help!

Your financial support is vital to our continued good works

AidWEST volunteers have paid out of their own pockets for their airfares, many of the medical and therapy supplies they pack, in-country transportation and other costs. The approximate cost each volunteer has paid is $950 (not including lost time at work, and additional donations many have made directly to individuals.) Yet the results of their sacrifices are immense. Can you make a contribution as well? Your financial contribution will enable AidWEST to continue sending teams to Haiti and future places in distress. For example, just one $150 contribution will help us offset the average cost of a suitcase full of medical supplies such as antibiotic ointment, rolls of gauze, and pain relief medicine, as well as shipping fees.

Be A Volunteer on One of Our Missions


Are you interested in serving for 8-12 days as an AidWEST volunteer in the field? Our volunteers initially fill an important void by providing the most time-consuming yet critically important tasks like physical therapy, educational support, construction projects and wound treatment. If you already have first responder, EMT or medical training, you would be working on our tent-to-tent campaign or in a temporary clinic for refugees. If you have limited medical background, you could still provide a host of services in the field, such as first aid, emotional therapy, construction projects, communications, electronics, logistics, and patient transport.

Cost for each volunteer on a medical support mission includes round-trip airfare to a target country. This cost also includes in-country transportation to the clinic/refugee center, lodging, food, security and logistical support. There is a $75 application fee, which includes a background check required to ensure the safety of the team. Please contact us at the below e-mail address with a brief summary of your background, interest and a week you would be free to travel with us to a needed project.

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